[PRE-SALE] Lava Red Tabi Socks (Ankle High)
[PRE-SALE] Lava Red Tabi Socks (Ankle High)

[PRE-SALE] Lava Red Tabi Socks (Ankle High)

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This is a pre-sale item, it will be fulfilled in Q4 of 2024.

Due to the extra-long delay, we're extending a 20% discount.. and only require a 50% deposit ($20).  We'll invoice you for the remaining amount in Q3.

The deposit discount isn't automatic, use code "TABI-PRESALE" during checkout.

If you're comfortable putting 100% down, you're awesome, we appreciate you, there's a good chance your order will ship faster.


The first of their kind, latex tabi-style socks.

Tabi is a style that features a division between the big toe and the rest of the toes in order to be worn with thonged sandals.

These are ankle-high socks, and directly map to the "TOE SOCKS - ANKLE" size chart.

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