Shipping Announcements

Last Updated: 1/16/2022

1/16/2023 - Purple & Jade Processing Time


Purple & Jade have lagged due to numerous factors with our shipping service; Black Friday work stoppage (new products would not be processed), our representative resigned, our account was in limbo for a few weeks, and finally a backlog of work to process has built up, delays of ~2 months.

We reached out to our shipping service and have seen all outstanding items begin to be processed, this effort may take 2 weeks, and then about a week for shipping prep/fulfillment.  We anticipate shipping in the first half of February.

As a result of this madness we're putting a hold on pre-order items.  Purple & Jade have been removed from our site and will re-launch when all outstanding orders have been processed.

Thank you for understanding.

12/14/2022 - Light at the end of the tunnel!

Some of our stickers have been accepted into inventory (yay!), half of our Purple and Jade have been received, though they're being processed for shipping.

The backlog on all other items has ended (yay!), which means all other products will ship within 48 hours of being ordered.

This has been a pretty rough time, thank you all for your patience - we're nearly there!

12/2/2022 - Shipping Backlog

To continue our previous update, as long as you haven't ordered Purple, Jade, or our Holiday Stickers, your order is being prepared, packed, and shipped ASAP.  Unfortunately our fulfillment center has been inundated with Black Friday orders and has let us know orders may have 5-10 days of lead time.

In the event you ordered Purple, Jade, or our Holiday stickers - our fulfillment center hasn't even begun to stock these products, they've put a freeze on this for 10 days, at which point they'll process our new items and prepare/pack/ship orders.

We're looking at a 20 day delay on Purple/Jade/Stickers, will update you all as we know more.

Thank you for bearing with us!!

11/22/2022 - Pre-Sale Status, BFCM, and Purple/Jade

All products, aside from Purple & Jade are being packed and shipped!  Purple & Jade are being added to inventory and processed but may be delayed by a week or two.

Everything else is going out the door as soon as possible - we do expect a bit of a backlog due to Black Friday, this could add a week onto our normal shipping time.

Domestic customers, shouldn't be an issue.

International customers, we're trying our best to get things out in time for the holidays, highly recommend "Expedited Shipping" with UPS.  Remember we do not charge VAT, you are responsible for these charges (if applicable in your respective country).

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

    11/08/2022 - Royal Purple V2 and Mystic Jade Pre-Sale

    We're dropping two new colors on November 9th, these are Pre-Sale items that will ship by December 1st - so hang tight!  We're going to try to make sure pre-sales aren't longer than 1 month in advance.

    Still being restocked:

    • Obsidian Black
    • Lava Red
    • Polysh Products

    11/01/2022 - Some orders have started to ship!

    A few of our products are still being prepared for inventory..

    • Obsidian Black
    • Lava Red
    • Polysh Products
    • Storage Bags

    If you didn't order any of these, AWESOME, your order is being shipped ASAP.  In the event you do order these items, no worries!  We're still on track for a full-cutover by mid-November, so hang in there!

    Thank you for your patience!

    10/15/2022 - UniqDsn is making some serious moves and are currently in the process of shifting our backend to a fulfillment center!

    While this ultimately enables us to ship products on a daily basis, and provides faster shipping times with even more competitive shipping rates, we're still getting the backend online!

    As such, all products are only available for "PRE-SALE"

    Our goal is to be COMPLETLEY caught up by mid-November, during which point the "PRE-SALE" banners will be dropped and the store will be fully live!  Orders will processed in the order they are received.

    Thank you for bearing with us during this time!

    - UniqDsn Team